Hey! Hello! are an ultra-catchy noise pop group, comprised of Ginger Wildheart (The Wildhearts), The Rev (Towers of London / The Howling), Toshi (Antiproduct) and Ai Sugiyama (Trip to Miami)

The second Hey! Hello! album is available ahead of commercial release via the Round Records Pledge Campaign; here’s a taster from forthcoming single Automatic Love to whet your appetite.

Before the Hey! Hello! group assembled, the self-titled debut album was recorded from both sides of the Atlantic, with Ginger recording all of the instrumental parts in the UK and the tapes being sent to New York for Victoria Liedtke to add her vocal magic.

hey hello cover artThe full album tracklist is:
1 – Black Valentine
2 – Feral Days
3 – Why Can’t I Be Me Without You
4 – Swimwear
5 – Burn The Rule Book (Fuck It)
6 – Lock For Rock (and other sporting cliches)
7 – The Thrill Of It All
8 – How I Survived The Punk Wars
9 – I’m Gonna Kiss You Like I’m Going Away
10 – We’re Outta Here

How I Survived The Punk Wars, the first video from the project, was hailed by Duff McKagan in Seattle Weekly as:

Perhaps the best and most real punk rock song in a long, long time… “How I Survived The Punk Wars” off of the Hey! Hello! record actually stunned me.